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"Куда идет мир? Каково будущее науки? Как "объять необъятное", получая образование - высшее, среднее, начальное? Как преодолеть "пропасть двух культур" - естественнонаучной и гуманитарной? Как создать и вырастить научную школу? Какова структура нашего познания? Как управлять риском? Можно ли с единой точки зрения взглянуть на проблемы математики и экономики, физики и психологии, компьютерных наук и географии, техники и философии?"

«Social Chaos and Problems of Management of Future During an Era of Changes» 
Vladimir Grigorievych Budanov and Irina Alexandrovna Aseeva

In a tornado presentiment life it is disturbing fades, tries it is realized or unconsciously to take cover, evade from unknown ways of death. The person the creator and the slave of social elements believing to be the full owner at the time of prosperity, it becomes helpless or mad in the times of troubles. Not a lot of persons manage to keep understanding of the events, to be active and reasonable at the same time. Responsibility of decision-making multiply increases and time for their acceptance and implementation doesn’t absolutely remain. Nevertheless, in the turbulent worlds there are laws and rules not only survivals, but also managements of reality, external and internal, there are laws of creation and damping of catastrophe and stability. It seems to us to its time to talk right now on these subjects.

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