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"Куда идет мир? Каково будущее науки? Как "объять необъятное", получая образование - высшее, среднее, начальное? Как преодолеть "пропасть двух культур" - естественнонаучной и гуманитарной? Как создать и вырастить научную школу? Какова структура нашего познания? Как управлять риском? Можно ли с единой точки зрения взглянуть на проблемы математики и экономики, физики и психологии, компьютерных наук и географии, техники и философии?"

Sergey N. Grinchenko

Sergey N. Grinchenko
Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

It is offered to investigate Nature from the position of its hierarchism. There is introduced a concept of ‘meta-evolution’ – the procedure of levels/tiers overbuilding in a hierarchical system of the Universe in the course of its development which forms a hierarchical ‘framework’ (‘skeleton’) of inanimate, animate and ‘human-artificial’ nature subsystems, and ‘benchmark points’ of their historical development processes. For the meta-evolution study there are suggested an informatics- cybernetic language and an appropriate formal toolkit – the mechanism of hierarchical adaptive search optimization (of the target criteria of energy character). And the latter is considered as the ‘internal’ (immanent) mechanism of organization of adaptive behaviour of the Nature system. The essence of work of this mechanism is presented graphically, with the help of a number of simplified evident diagrams. It is marked, that the ‘arch (primary) factors’ of ‘socialtechno- logical’ meta-evolution are the following: for bottompaleolithic society – ‘social proto-memory’, for top-paleolithic one – the ‘proto-speech/proto-language’, for neolithic – ‘proto-writing’, for the industrial one – the ‘proto-technology of the information replication’, for computer-based society – ‘proto-technology of computer equipment and electronic memory’ etc. The conclusion is made that the process of development of the Universe as a whole seems to be purposeful (aimed at self-formation as a complete system of hierarchical search optimization aiming at the permanent maximization of its efficiency)

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