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"Куда идет мир? Каково будущее науки? Как "объять необъятное", получая образование - высшее, среднее, начальное? Как преодолеть "пропасть двух культур" - естественнонаучной и гуманитарной? Как создать и вырастить научную школу? Какова структура нашего познания? Как управлять риском? Можно ли с единой точки зрения взглянуть на проблемы математики и экономики, физики и психологии, компьютерных наук и географии, техники и философии?"

«Artificial Intelligence Advances» 
Dr. Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov

The article consists of two parts. Part I shows the possibility of quantum / soft computing optimizers of knowledge bases (QSCOptKBTM) as the toolkit of quantum deep machine learning technology implementation in the solution’s search of intelligent cognitive control tasks applied the cog- nitive helmet as neurointerface. In particular case, the aim of this part is to demonstrate the possibility of classifying the mental states of a human being operator in on line with knowledge extraction from electroenceph- alograms based on SCOptKBTM and QCOptKBTM sophisticated toolkit. Application of soft computing technologies to identify objective indicators of the psychophysiological state of an examined person described. The role and necessity of applying intelligent information technologies development based on computational intelligence toolkits in the task of objective esti- mation of a general psychophysical state of a human being operator shown. Developed information technology examined with special (difficult in diag- nostic practice) examples emotion state estimation of autism children (ASD) and dementia and background of the knowledge bases design for intelligent robot of service use is it. Application of cognitive intelligent control in nav- igation of autonomous robot for avoidance of obstacles demonstrated.

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